What Is A Call Tag?

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In the world of shipping and logistics, efficiency and convenience are paramount. When it comes to handling return shipments, a “Call Tag” offers a seamless solution for both businesses and customers. This innovative service allows the shipper to initiate a return shipment by generating a pre-paid shipping label and arranging for the carrier to pick up the package directly from the customer’s location. In this blog, we will explore what a Call Tag is, how it works, and why it has become an essential tool in the realm of return logistics.

What Is A Call Tag?

A Call Tag, also known as a “Pickup Request” or “Return Shipping Label,” is a pre-paid shipping label that a shipper creates to facilitate the return of a package from a customer’s location. Unlike traditional return shipments, where the customer must visit a carrier’s drop-off location, a Call Tag allows the carrier to pick up the package directly from the customer, streamlining the return process.

How Call Tags Work?

The Call Tag process involves the following steps:

  1. Requesting a Call Tag: The shipper initiates the return process by requesting a Call Tag from the carrier or shipping service. This generates a pre-paid shipping label with the necessary return information.
  2. Providing Return Instructions: The shipper provides the customer with return instructions, including the Call Tag label, details about packaging the item securely, and the scheduled pickup date.
  3. Customer Package Pickup: On the scheduled pickup date, the carrier’s driver visits the customer’s location to collect the package. The driver scans the Call Tag label, marking it as collected, and returns it to the carrier’s facility for processing.

Benefits Of Using Call Tags

  1. Convenience for Customers: Call Tags offer customers a hassle-free return experience as they do not need to visit a drop-off location. The carrier comes to their location to collect the package, saving time and effort.
  2. Streamlined Return Process: Call Tags streamline the return logistics for businesses. They can generate and manage return labels efficiently, reducing processing time and costs.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: A seamless return process with Call Tags can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it shows the business’s commitment to customer convenience.
  4. Accurate Tracking: With a pre-paid shipping label, Call Tags provide a trackable return process, allowing both the customer and shipper to monitor the package’s journey.


Call Tags are a valuable tool in the world of return logistics, offering businesses and customers a convenient and efficient solution for handling return shipments. By generating pre-paid shipping labels and scheduling pickup directly from the customer’s location, Call Tags streamline the return process, saving time and effort for all parties involved. As businesses strive to provide exceptional customer service and enhance the overall shipping experience, Call Tags have become an essential component in achieving these goals. Whether it’s for e-commerce returns, product exchanges, or warranty services, Call Tags empower businesses to simplify the return process and maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

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How Does A Call Tag Work?

A call tag is a document or ticket that authorizes the release of goods. The person picking up the shipment shows the call tag to our warehouse crew so our team knows which shipment to give them.

How Does Fedex Call Tag Work?

All shipment information is transmitted electronically to a FedEx Ground terminal. The terminal prints out the FedEx Ground Call Tag label and distributes it to the FedEx Ground driver, who then brings it to the pickup location and affixes it to the return shipment.

What Is The Difference Between A Call Tag And A Shipping Label?

A Call Tag is RETURN label generated by the original shipper (or the company that handles the original shippers returns) to retrieve product from a customer; the label has the shippers address on it for shipment to the shipper via UPS Ground service.

What Is A Call Tag For Returns?

A call tag is when , usually a store that shipped you something, wants to get it back. Usually the customer wants to return it, at the retailers expense. A Call tag, sends a FedEx driver to your address, with a label.

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